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Thermography  finds many applications in various engineering systems :

• Thermography is used in electrical system to detect hotspots in electrical system. 
• The hot spots are an indication of loss of energy which can happen because of many reasons, some of them are :     
   •  The loose connections, which can be connectors in substations or joints on  bus bars in panels.
    • Motors, transformers or any equipment   indicating high temperature .
    • Bearings which are not maintained properly.
   •  Or any other part in electrical system 
    • The heat loss in Furnaces can be checked..
    • Flue gases from furnaces.
    • Casting /Mouldings etc.
    • Thermal Insulations of pipe lines. Etc.

• Seepage in buildings can be detected with thermography. 

We are equipped with world renowned FLIR Systems' cameras to conducts various type of jobs at site.  
We Have an LEVEL-1 thermographer certified by Infrared Training Centre , Sweden

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