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In many situation heat tracer is a major headache for operator and maintanance staffs.A single frozen line on a cold night can result in hour or even day of lost production.A well designed heat tracer system can function without operator or maintenance staff. ATP THERMTECH provide expert heat trace design and installation services.
Heat trace provide a way to add heat to a pipe ,vessel,tank,or equipment using aline of heat transfer fluid or an electrically heated cable.

We provide turnkey solutions for all types of heat tracing applications for all pipelines, tanks, equipments etc.The systems are designed and installed as per the relevant international standard.

The Turnkey solutions include :
• Design and Engineering
• Comparative study of Steam Vs Electric Tracing Systems
• Selection and supply of suitable heating cables
• Heating cable accessories
• Thermal insulation and cladding
• Power Distribution System (Control Panels, Power and control
cabling, earthing)
• Control (Mechanical and Electronic) • Installation, Testing, and Commissioning

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