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Moving temperature sensitive liquid stuff is a complex business. Advanced Mineral insulated (MI) Heating cables ensure your product reaches its destination in desired condition.

If you are transporting liquids in tankers Chemicals, Coal Tar, Bitumen, Food Stuff, Fuels, Adhesives oe whatever and face solidification of products due to loss of temperature during hours of journey, we offer a reliable, robust, low maintenance and long lasting solution that offers you complete confidence.

The Fast & Efficient Electric Mineral Heating Cables are really the perfect choice which provide accurate temperature control and offer trouble free services. No problem with corrosion, no worries for temperature sensitive food grade products as the heating system can be operated within tight temperature ranges.

Each tanker heating system can be custom build to suit customer's need. Can be used with ON-Board generator or with external power source. Easy to install, simple to operate and low running costs make MI tanker heating cable the first choice of every customer.

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