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Safety and reliability of high voltage equipments is very important. Frequent tripping on account ofphase-to-phase or phase-to-earth flashovers due to inadequate electrical clearances considerably reduces the reliability and life of these equipments. This can now be avoided through Raysulate.

Raysulate- RRL's insulation enhancement range of products have unmatched field performance. Raysulate products come in the form of heat shrink tubes, tapes, sheets and pre-formed shapes to enhance insulation of live points of any shape and voltage grade.

All the products are made of special formulations for electrical use and are UV suitable & weather resistant.

  1. Bus Bar Insulation Tubing Suitable upto 36KV


  1. Cable Repair Sleeve

→ IRJ Type

  1. Cable Insulation Tubing

→ MWTM Unotable

→ Tube

→ WCSM (coted tube)

  1. Bus Bar Insulation Tubing Suitable upto 36KV

→ HVBT Type

  1. Silicon Fusion Tape
  2. Scapa Tape
  3. Insulation Bushing Boats
  4. Cable and sealing Caps
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